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Old MacDonald's Farm, McDonald's Farm, puppet show preschool, birthday party

Let’s Explore Old MacDonald’s Farm!

Take a magical, musical trip to Old MacDonald’s Farm without leaving your school! This hilarious and interactive 45 minute show features puppetry, live music, and exciting magic tricks created specifically for the preschool audience.


MM_Pics_FrontMoo-Moo & the Magic Butterfly

Moo-Moo’s job is to bring a butterfly to show the children, but did her forget? Doe he even know what a butterfly is? With help from the audience, as series of hilarious mistakes and magical discoveries lead to the appearance of a beautiful butterfly.


Safari Puppet Show for PreschoolersSafari Adventure Puppet Show!

Created specifically for the preschool audience, Safari Adventure combines live music, interactive puppetry, and amazing magic tricks woven together in an age-appropriate story that will keep preschoolers laughing and engaged throughout.